These Are the Top 10 Dog Breeds in Philadelphia

The German shepherd is the most-registered purebred dog in Philadelphia. The top national dog, the Labrador retriever, is fifth in the city.

The Labrador retriever may be the No. 1 dog in the country, but in Philadelphia another breed is top dog.

Yesterday, the American Kennel Club released its annual list of the top dog breeds in the United States. The labrador retriever was first, the 25th straight year the dog has claimed the honor.

Things are different in Philadelphia, however. According to figures provided by the American Kennel Club to Philadelphia magazine, the German shepherd dog is the top breed in the city. The Labrador retriever falls all the way to fifth! The lists are generated by the number of purebred dogs registered with the AKC; the group does not release the number of dogs registered, only the rankings.

The German shepherd dog — it’s official name, sometimes abbreviated as GSD — is known as a highly intelligent breed. In fact, it’s the most common police dog breed. It’s also known as highly loyal to its owners, energetic but trainable, good with kids if socialized at an early age and generally healthy despite some hip problems. They also shed a lot, and are the kind of dog that “needs a job.”

Here are the top-10 dogs in Philadelphia, along with their national rank.

Philly RankBreedNational Rank
1German shepherd dog2
3Golden retriever3
4Yorkshire terrier7
5Labrador retriever1
8French bulldog6
9Siberian husky12
10Doberman pinscher14

Rankings come from the number of registered purebred dogs.

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