Mayor: I Wish I Could Ban Donald Trump from Philly

Michael Nutter called Donald Trump's plan to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. "flat-out ignorant." Several mayors have jokingly banned Trump from their cities.

No Trumps Allowed

Photo Illustration | Dan McQuade

Mayor Michael Nutter doesn’t like Donald Trump. And after Trump’s Trump’s plan to ban Muslims from entering the U.S., he had some strong words for the businessman/mogul/frontrunner for the Republican nomination.

“If I had the power,” Nutter said, “the only banning that would be done is that I would ban him from Philadelphia. We don’t have any room for that kind of stupidity here.” Nutter also called Trump’s comments “flat-out ignorant.”

Trump actually went to school in Philadelphia for two years after he transferred from Fordham into Penn’s Wharton School. He has an undergraduate degree from Penn. (Per The Daily Pennsylvanian, Wharton professors have been told to refrain from commenting on Trump, not that it’s stopped many of them.) In 1991, Trump’s photo was stolen from the Wharton Hall of Fame display that once stood in Steinberg-Dietrich Hall. Both Donald Jr. and Ivanka Trump graduated from Wharton in the 2000s.

Nutter’s not alone among big-city mayors in his disdain for Trump.

St. Petersburg, Florida, mayor Rick Kriseman has jokingly banned Donald Trump from his city. London mayor Boris Johnson said he avoids New York because of the risk of running into Trump.

Nutter and Kriseman are late to the game: s, owner of Tony Boloney’s Pizza in Atlantic City, banned Trump from his restaurant in July after Trump announced his presidential bid.

“That shit is not gonna fly in Tony Boloney-land,” Hauke told Philadelphia magazine at the time. Tony Boloney’s is close to the Trump Taj Mahal, though Trump no longer has a role in the management of the casino that bears his name.