WATCH: Sixers 2015-16 Hype Video

It's almost time for basketball season! This video is so good it will make you excited about the Sixers.

It is almost October, and that means we are getting very close to Sixers season. While the Sixers have not exactly been very good recently, we hoopheads are excited that pro basketball (or some facsimile of it) will return to Philadelphia.

And hey! The Sixers got Jahlil Okafor in the first round of the draft this year, and they’re trying to turn him and Nerlens Noel into a duo nicknamed Center City. Not bad, not bad! And the younger players on the Sixers — they’re all young — are thinking playoffs!

Sports teams are now apparently required to release a hype video at the start of every season now, complete with dramatic music, a deep-voiced announcer telling you how representative the team is of your blue-collar city, shots of fans of the team showing their devotion and classic highlights mixed with ones from current day. All hype videos follow this format. And who cares! This is a great cliché. I could watch a thousand Philly sports hype videos and not get tired of them.

The Sixers open against the Celtics in Boston on October 28th, then open at home two days later against the Jazz.