CNN Graphic Misidentifies Pennsylvania as New York

Whoops! Fortunately, it was just an error in a graphic and New Yorkers aren't planning on annexing Pennsylvania.

A graphic on CNN yesterday misidentified Pennsylvania as New York, and now this is a blog post telling you about it. Hmm.

It was part of a story about two convicted killers who escaped Sunday from a prison in New York (the actual New York, not the above impostor).

Authorities now believe the pair’s getaway driver got cold feet and went to the hospital instead, per some news organization that occasionally makes funny map mis-labelings.

Per the Associated Press, there is a house-by-house hunt going on today near the prison the two escaped from. If you’re wondering, the Willsboro, New York, Wikipedia page has currently been updated to name the two escapees/murderers as “notable residents” of the town.

There is no ongoing effort from our neighbor to the north to annex Pennsylvania. The two states haven’t fought over land claims since a dispute over the Erie Triangle in the early days of the United States. (Massachusetts and Connecticut also made claims on this land.)

The four states eventually ceded their claims to the federal government, and Pennsylvania purchased the 202,187 acres from Congress in 1788 for 75 cents an acre.

I’m pretty confident CNN’s story is just an error, but maybe we ought to keep an eye on the Erie Triangle, just in case. You never know when someone’s going to dispute a land claim 200-plus years later.

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