WATCH: SEPTA Bus Crashes on Columbus Boulevard

SEPTA said it believes the crash wouldn't have happened if the driver was wearing her seat belt.

SEPTA released surveillance footage yesterday evening of the bus that crashed while attempting to make a U-turn on Columbus Boulevard earlier this week. The video shows passengers and the driver — who was not wearing a seat belt — being thrown onto the floor of the bus.

The crash happened at around 3 p.m. Tuesday. A freight train had blocked the 29 bus’s usual path at Tasker Street on Columbus Boulevard. The driver attempted to make a U-turn at Dickinson Street, but falls out of her seat. The bus then careened out of control, over the median and onto the train tracks. CSX train workers immediately rushed to help the victims of the crash.

Three people, including the driver, were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. Spokeswoman Jerria Williams said SEPTA believes the accident would not have happened had the driver been wearing her seat belt. The driver, a 10-year veteran, is likely to face discipline.