AG Kathleen Kane’s Pain Intensifying Since Car Crash

Although Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane is still recovering from the aftereffects of an October car crash, she's cleared to return to work soon.

AP Photo | Bradley C. Bower

AP Photo | Bradley C. Bower

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane, recently injured in a car crash, released a statement today updating the public on her condition. Kane has been recovering at home since her official vehicle was hit on October 21st. (A man drove into her while reaching for a dropped iPad.)

A doctor has cleared her to return to work in a week. But she’s cleared to work “as tolerable,” and will continue to work from home for the near future. Kane suffered a concussion with cervical back trauma in the accident. Kane was in the backseat and smashed her head on the window when the car was hit. She was not wearing her seatbelt.

Kane’s neck and back pain has gotten worse since the accident. She’s still on medication. “She is still experiencing headaches, nausea, fatigue and soreness in her neck and back,” Renee Martin, Kane’s spokeswoman, said. Two members of her detail are also under doctor’s care.

The car accident caused Kane to miss a scheduled grand jury appearance; it was the second time she rescheduled. The grand jury is investigating leaks from her office that may have been improper. “That’s bull crap, absolutely,” Martin said when asked if Kane used the accident to avoid testifying. Kane is now scheduled to testify in a few weeks.

This is how the release from Kane’s spokeswoman ends:

“Attorney General Kane would like to thank everyone for the cards and well wishes. She looks forward to returning to the office as soon [sic]. Until that time, the office under her leadership will continue to follow the agenda Attorney General Kane has laid out, which includes arresting child predators and drug dealers, recovering funds for the commonwealth, protecting seniors, and prosecuting those who take advantage of the public trust. As always, the Attorney General intends to meet all of her obligations.”

In case anyone was considering dealing drugs while the attorney general was recovering from the car crash, don’t. Kane’s office is still on the case.