On Twitter, Curt Schilling Battles Philly Bloggers over Evolution

Former Phillies Pitcher Curt Schilling: “Show me the fossil of the creature between the amphibian and the fruit fly…”

Last night on his Twitter account, former Phillies pitcher Curt Schilling (aka @gehrig38) got into it with some Philadelphia Phillies bloggers. They weren’t talking about a possible rebuild for the Fightin’ Phils or debating the merits of the 1993 Phillies’ starting rotation. No, they were arguing evolution.

Here’s how it started:

Yes, Curt Schilling attempted to convince people on Twitter that the theory of evolution was wrong with a YouTube video. This… seems like the wrong way to go about it, but, hey, tweet about whatever you want.

Schilling, of course, got a lot of blowback after posting the video. But most amusing was that he argued with Phillies bloggers Ryan Sommers and Zoo With Roy.

Sommers, who blogs at Crashburn Alley and is known as @Phylan on Twitter, sent the first salvo.

Schilling quickly replied.

What’s weird is that Schilling seems to think that evolution will be disproved any day now, so that those of us who learned it in biology class will soon be going, “D’oh!”

Then the eponymous blogger from Zoo With Roy chimed in.

Zoo With Roy, fortunately, made sure to keep things as light as possible.

But things all ended on a happy note, I guess.

I thank Curt Schilling for taking us all on this delightful trip!