The Philadelphia Outrage Meter for the Week Ending October 31st

Here's what had Philadelphians angriest this week.

Philadelphia’s outrage shifted precipitously last night with the announcement that Little Pete’s could be demolished; the parking garage the diner currently occupies the ground-floor corner of is slated to be demolished and turned into a luxury hotel. It’s all very sad (except for the part about the elimination of a parking garage downtown). As such, a full 89 percent of Philadelphian outrage is coming over the possible closure of Little Pete’s.

Elsewhere, resentment lingers. Some people are still mad at the PPA for its war with Uber over its UberX service. It included a sting operation, though the impounded UberX cars have since been released. That’s 9 percent.

Finally, just 2 percent of people in the area are angry about Chris Christie canceling Halloween due to Ebola. Of course, Christie has done no such thing, but that hasn’t stopped people on Twitter and Facebook from freaking out about it.