Uber Calls PPA UberX Sting a “Deplorable Charade”

In a statement, the company calls PPA move an "abuse of power."

Just hours after the Philadelphia Parking Authority impounded five UberX vehicles, saying that UberX is operating illegally in Philadelphia, UberX has responded with a statement, calling the PPA action a “deplorable charade.”

Here is the full statement:

This is an abuse of power and a deliberate attempt to protect the status quo that has failed Philadelphians for too long. With a $1M insurance policy and the most stringent background checks, Uber is the safest ride on the road.

When nearly a third of the taxis in the city lack adequate insurance, impounding vehicles for providing free safe rides and orchestrating a public spectacle makes it very clear that the PPA cares nothing about what’s best for Philadelphia and instead has chosen to put special interests ahead of consumer interests. We fully stand behind our partners and will cover all costs associated with this deplorable charade.”