Revel Bidder: Auction Delay Makes It “Tainted”

Glenn Straub, the Florida developer who wants to put a university "for geniuses" at Revel, is angry after an auction for the casino was delayed a week.

An attorney for hopeful Revel bidder Glenn Straub, who has pledged $90 million to buy the shuttered Atlantic City casino, called the auction process “tainted” after it was delayed until Tuesday, September 30th.

“It just gives you a dirty feeling,” Straub told the Press of Atlantic City, “like you want to … take a shower.” Straub also told the paper he bidded on the property because he was bored. If Revel is not sold to Straub, he gets $3 million. Yes, really.

Per the Press of AC, Revel developers spent much of yesterday speaking about offers for the property behind closed doors — even though the deadline for bidding had already passed.

Straub has said he wants to build a second tower at the site and turn Revel into a “university for geniuses” that would garnish the wages of anyone who dared leave to go work for a corporation.

Attorneys had previously asked to postpone the hearing a week because of Rosh Hashanah, which began last night at sundown. Straub said he had other business opportunities that mandated the bidding take place as soon as possible.

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