Cops Find Soiled Diapers of Suspect in Pa. State Trooper Killing

Police have spotted Eric Frein, the survivalist suspected in the killing of state trooper Byron Dickson and the wounding of trooper Alex Douglass.

Suspect Eric Frein

Suspect Eric Frein

Police in Northeast Pennsylvania may be closing in on Eric Frein, the survivalist suspected in the shooting death of state trooper Bryon Dickson and the wounding of fellow trooper Alex Douglass. Police say they have found his soiled adult diapers, and have even spotted him several times.

“I almost think some of this is a game to him,” state police Lt. Col. George Bivens told The Morning Call. “Some of the sightings have occurred under circumstances where he kept himself far enough away that he knew it was very unlikely someone could get to him, but made himself visible, whether to a resident in the area or a law enforcement officer.”

While initially closed during the manhunt for Frein, schools and roads have reopened.

Police have suggested Frein spent months or even years planning his disappearance into the Poconos. Cops are currently searching a small patch along the Monroe/Pike county border.

A survivalist expert said there are lots of places for Frein to hide in the Poconos, and said if he planned thoroughly he could live there in relative comfort for months.
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