John Bolaris Says We’re Getting More Snow Than He First Thought [UPDATED]

Sounds like a snow day on Friday.

UPDATE: John Bolaris and his eight inches win.

As you might imagine, the local meteorologists have dialed back their specificity a bit after the debacle surrounding our first major snowfall of the season and the whole ridiculous long-range winter forecast thing which didn’t even manage to predict December’s weather with any degree of accuracy. As of Thursday afternoon, after days of cautious speculation, John Bolaris was saying that the predicted snowfall amounts in the Philadelphia region were “inching up.”

Earlier, we told you that the Philadelphia region was set to get as much as six inches of snow, but now Bolaris says that he’s thinking the max could be more like eight inches in Philadelphia. Either way, it sounds like Friday morning is going to be a mess.

Bolaris predicts that parts of South Jersey and the Poconos could get as much as 10 inches. Check back tomorrow when we report on how none of this happened as we expected it to, because it’s, you know, the weather.