John Bolaris and His Eight Inches Win the Weather Wars (This Time)

Redeeming himself for the "Storm of the Century" — one prediction at a time.

Yesterday, amply-mocked weatherman John Bolaris told readers that Philadelphia could get as much as eight inches of snow — two inches more than his earlier prediction.

Naturally, had he been wrong by even a millimeter, we would have taken to this site to remind everyone about the time that he was laughed out of town for a massive fail of interstellar proportions (also known as John Bolaris Embarrassing Story #2,332: The Storm of the Century).

But it turns out he was right on the money, so it’s only fair that we tell you so, unbiased as we are.

After Winter Storm Hercules had its way with Philadelphia, official snowfall amounts for the city have been reported by the National Weather Service as 7.0″ in Fox Chase and 9.0″ at Philadelphia International Airport. Those math whizzes among you will note that the mean of these amounts is exactly eight inches.

Bravo, J-Bo. Bravo.