City Commissioner Stephanie Singer Gets A Chance To Fight for Her Political Life

A judge who removed her from the ballot will now hear arguments to try to save her campaign.

Stephanie Singer | Photo via Stephanie Singer's Facebook

Stephanie Singer | Photo via Stephanie Singer’s Facebook

A judge has scheduled a hearing on the motions filed by City Commissioner Stephanie Singer to try to bring her reelection campaign back from the dead, her lawyer says.

On Monday, Singer was kicked off the May 19th primary ballot by Common Pleas Judge Joel Johnson for failing to collect enough valid signatures on her nominating petitions. She originally submitted 1,485 signatures, but only 996 remained after Johnson determined hundreds were invalid during a bruising legal challenge.

Charles Goodwin, Singer’s attorney, is attempting to resurrect her campaign by asking the court to hear from 14 Democrats whose names were stricken from Singer’s nominating petitions, but who submitted affidavits stating they signed the documents. It is also questioning the testimony of the handwriting expert used by Richard Hoy, an attorney representing the three voters who challenged Singer’s petitions.

Goodwin says the court hearing is scheduled for Thursday morning.

The Inquirer reported that a political consultant employed by Lisa Deeley, a candidate for City Commissioner, has helped Hoy throughout the legal battle.

Both Hoy and Goodwin have said they will appeal to Commonwealth Court if they do not receive a favorable ruling.