Introducing the Philadelphia Magazine Candidate Conversations Series

Informative and informal Q&As with the mayoral candidates. Hosted by the city's premier co-working locations.

Candidate Conversations

Meet the mayoral contenders at Philly mag’s Candidate Conversations series.

Philadelphia magazine is excited to announce its Candidate Conversations program, an informative but informal series of Q&As with the mayoral contenders, hosted by two of the city’s premier co-working spaces. This is your chance to see the candidates up close, to get a sense of who they are and what matters to them; to get the information and exposure you need to judge which candidate is most capable of moving the city forward.

Each of these five events will feature a robust 40-minute conversation with one of the credible mayoral candidates, led by Citified editors Patrick Kerkstra and Holly Otterbein, followed by audience questions. Before or after, snag the candidate for some quick face time, or mingle with other civically engaged Philadelphians.

These events are free and open the public, and they’re being hosted by Pipeline Philly and Venturef0rth, two of the city’s most dynamic new co-working spaces. These are spots where ideas become companies, and where many of the creative professionals who are reinventing Philadelphia spend their days. They’re also just incredibly cool spaces, and very much worth checking out.

We’re asking folks to pre-register, so we can get a handle on the crowds. Here’s the Philadelphia magazine Candidate Conversations schedule: