Saxbys Expands With the Launch of a New Student-Run Cafe

La Salle University students are now responsible for managing all aspects of their new campus coffeeshop.

Saxbys La Salle. Courtesy photo.

On Monday, Saxbys expanded yet again through a partnership with La Salle University — its fourth partner institution in Pennsylvania — to open the fifth exclusively student-run cafe. This means another crop of students will experience firsthand what it means to run a business before graduating from college.

The Experiential Learning Program, created by Saxbys founder and CEO Nick Bayer in 2015, will also give one student a chance to the cafe’s executive officer. La Salle senior public relations major Kyle McIntosh will serve in the role, trading in traditional classroom experience for school credit, wages and bonus opportunities within his six months leading the new branch.

And McIntosh will be tasked with a number of responsibilities including, managing and developing his peers (the team running the cafe will consist of more than 30 students), developing marketing plans, maintaining relationships with the community to increase social impact outreach, and presenting the monthly profit and loss statements to the Executive Team.

“The mission of our Experiential Learning Program aligns perfectly with President Hanycz’s and La Salle’s ongoing commitment to making quality education more accessible and affordable, as demonstrated through their recent tuition reset,” said Bayer in a statement.

He added: “With a shared belief that all knowledge should be practical and empowering, we view this cafe as an opportunity to achieve our mutual goals while enriching the student experience through an entrepreneurial lens.”

Bayer opened the first Saxbys store opened in 2005, and the company currently operates five student-run cafes and 22 other locations spanning the East Coast.