Online Christmas Tree Delivery Has Come to Philly

A small local business is offering next-day delivery on orders.

Tom Merton | iStock

If, like me, you have zero interest in picking out a Christmas tree at some far away farm only to be burdened with lugging it back home, you’re in luck because online Christmas tree delivery has come to Philly.

The Christmas Tree Stand, a small business run by a family that’s been selling trees across the region for the last 40 years, will now let Philly residents order a tree online, with next-day delivery.

Shoppers will have a few options to choose from on their website. The $65 Douglas Fir Tree is a local Pennsylvania tree that comes from farms within 100 miles of Philadelphia, Christmas Tree Stand spokesperson Kate Kempf told Philadelphia magazine. “They’re really fluffy and wide.”

The $65 Fraser Fir Tree on the site is another option that has stronger branches and is thus better for holding ornaments and lights. The tree’s noted needle retention will also make for a tidier home.

For those of you in apartments with tree restrictions, the company is also selling $25 Alberta Spruce Potted trees. And for the more ambitious among us, the $100 Douglas and Frasier trees displayed on the site will be at least eight feet tall. For an additional fee, the Christmas Tree Stand will set up the tree for you complete with a stand, lights, skirt, and handmade ornaments, if you choose.

“We want to make things really easy,” Kempf told me. “Some people might want to pick out their tree as part of tradition, but we find that other clients are just interested in convenience.”

And if you’re not happy with the tree they deliver (though Kempf assures me this has never happened) you can get another one. You can also stop by the company’s Christmas Village booth at Love Park and its other lots in King of Prussia, Morrisville, and West Chester.

And finally, your purchase will help Philadelphians who are on the street. The company has partnered with Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, one of Philly’ oldest homeless shelter and meal service programs. Every Tuesday, five percent of the Christmas Tree Stand’s profits will go to the organization and the company’s tree delivery drivers will collect any pantry items that clients would like to donate to the homeless as part of the Sunday Breakfast Holiday Food Drive.