Ori Feibush: The DNC Has Been Great for Small Businesses

Feibush chastised the city for mishandling the pope's visit. Now he's praising officials over the DNC.

Ori Feibush | Photo via OCF Realty

Ori Feibush | Photo via OCF Realty

Everyone’s favorite real estate developer Ori Feibush took to Facebook Wednesday morning to pat the city on back.

After two days of Democratic National Convention fanfare, business has apparently been good for Feibush’s five OCF Coffee Houses sprinkled across select city neighborhoods.

His Facebook post reads, “Kudos to Mayor Kenney and his communications team for encouraging Philadelphians to stay in Philadelphia for the DNC. The Pope’s visit was a disaster for small business. This week has been a wonderful experience for small business owners across the City.”

And if you’re pressed to know just how well he’s doing, you’re in luck. He posted some sales summaries for your perusal.



And Wednesday:

Hopefully Feibush’s idea of “small business owners across the city” includes people other than himself. Nevertheless, Mayor Jim Kenney did campaign to keep businesses open and people in town during the convention.

It just may be too early to make a definitive statement about small business owners across this expansive city.

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