Are People Actually Starting to Like Comcast?

According to the newest American Customer Satisfaction Index, Comcast has clawed its way to an average rating.

Comcast is no longer the most hated telephone and internet provider in America, according to a report released yesterday by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). The report ranks companies on a 100-point scale based on customer interviews.

The perennially last-place Comcast has typically scored in the low to mid-50s. This year, however, it scored a rating of 62 for its subscription television services — up from 54 in 2015 — placing it comfortably in the middle of the field. For internet service, Comcast scored 59, an increase from 54 last year. This is better than three other companies. Not resounding praise necessarily, but still an improvement, considering that Comcast has twice been named the worst company in America by Consumerist. In 2014, it edged Monsanto and Sea World for the title.

Nevertheless, Comcast has been working to improve its customer service. Last year, the company created an app that can help customers troubleshoot problems quickly and avoid being on hold by scheduling phone call times with service representatives.

The ACSI is a “national economic indicator of customer evaluations of quality of products,” according to the report. The data for this report were based on customer interviews, which the ACSI conducts annually. The group has been collecting data since 1994, but only started conducting interviews for internet providers in 2013.

View the full report below: