One Philly-Area Tech Company Buys Another

Both offer digital solutions to clients.

Two local tech companies are joining forces, as Philly-based Anexinet announced that it has acquired ListenLogic. Anexinet delivers digital and technology solutions to help clients determine business strategy. ListenLogic is a provider of big data analytics and social intelligence housed in Conshohocken, Pa. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

ListenLogic analyzes social media posts, surveys, call-center notes and internal documents to help clients tailor their strategies and create business solutions. Basically, they take what everybody is saying on the web, both inside and outside of the company, and create predictive analytics and sense risks for the organizations they’re working with.

Anexinet said it’s a natural partnership that will help it deliver strategy solutions for clients.

“As a leader in unstructured data analytics and social intelligence, ListenLogic is a perfect complement to our existing digital and customer analytics solutions,” said Joseph Lanzisera, Anexinet’s president, in a statement. “We believe all industries can benefit from integration of unstructured and structured data and we are excited to expand these capabilities with the addition of Anexinet’s technical team and partners.”

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