Amazon’s Prime Day Did Not Go As Planned

Bigger than Black Friday? I think not.

Amazon’s Prime Day has come and gone. And the reviews are in. Drumroll please … it sucked. Badly apparently.

The online retail giant billed the 24-hour sales event as an extravaganza bigger than Black Friday, but it left many yawning or writing snarky comments on social media. There was even a point in the day when #PrimeDayFail was trending higher on Twitter than #PrimeDay. Ouch.

Entrepreneur said that the “discounts weren’t nearly as good as expected.” It highlighted “some of the lousy discounts” shoppers complained about on social media like “airplane seatbelt extenders, Tupperware sets, microfiber towels, bundt cake molds, cup holders, and other knickknacks.”

Meanwhile, Gizmodo highlighted “The Shittiest Deals on Amazon Prime Day.” (An Adam Sandler 4-movie collection for $7.99 anyone?)

Despite the criticism, Amazon said it was a success with customers ordering 34.4 million items — an average of 398 items sold per second. (It declined to reveal revenue numbers.) Meanwhile, Retail Dive agreed, saying that “experts have told Retail Dive that this negative perspective more or less misses the point of Prime Day. Although the day may have failed to impress some people, it was more about attracting new customers to its Prime membership, a goal it seems to have realized.”

Now for some funny tweets: