BizFeed: Avoid Out-of-Office Hell This Summer

Plus: Jobs that make new grads happiest; Ellen Pao appeals.



1. Avoiding Out-of-Office Hell This Summer

The News: There will be points this summer when it will feel like everyone you call or email is on vacation. Try doing business on a Friday and you’ll wonder why you even went to work at all. And be ready for plenty of those dreaded out-of-office email messages. Yeesh!

Dayna Steele of Fast Company is no fan of out-of-office notes, arguing that if you can’t check your email on vacation or while traveling for work, you’re not up on technology and shouldn’t be handling her affairs. Ouch.

When the NASA astronauts were finally able to check their email on the International Space Station, you ran out of excuses.

Why it Matters: You will likely be on vacation this summer, and inadvertently annoying somebody that needs a quick answer to a simple question. How do you get your R&R without making your contacts crazy?

Steele devised a list of out-of-office email mistakes you’re probably making. Here are a few highlights:

“I am out of the office until Friday June 21st.”

It is Monday, June 24—so where are you now? If you can’t remember to turn your auto responder off in a timely manner, what other small details are you missing?

“Thank you for your email. I am currently out of the office returning on Tuesday, June 18th.”

I need something before then and you gave me no one to contact so I guess I’ll go to the competition to get the work done.

“Heading to Vegas.”

Great, I have to work and I hate you. Plus, don’t they have email and Internet access in Las Vegas these days?

2. Want to be a Happy New Grad? Pick These Professions

The News: Forbes points us to a CareerBliss list breaking down the happiest jobs for new college grads. (Surely the sweet starting salaries have got to be a factor.)

1. Assistant Consultant: $66,439 in average salary

2. Game Developer: $59,995

3. Engineering Intern: $41,717

4. Executive Assistant: $55,242

5. Marketing Assistant: $32,942

Why it Matters: While established business pros make sure to tell college grads to “do what they love,” many are happy to even get a job. It’s been tough for new grads since the recession, and although this year is supposed to be a banner year for new grad hiring, it’s unlikely that they’ll find their dream jobs right away. That said, there are certain jobs that will make college grads happier than others. Being happy in your career right away can mean you’re more likely to stick with it and find that dream job later on.

3. Appeal in Silicon Valley Gender Discrimination Case

The News: Ellen Pao‘s fight for gender equality in Silicon Valley isn’t over just yet. Pao, now the CEO of Reddit, appealed the verdict in her case against Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in Superior Court of California. She recently lost a case against the venture capitalist firm that terminated her after she worked there from 2005-2012.

Why it Matters: Win or lose, Pao is turning heads in the tech industry for pushing the conversation on gender equality. There’s no denying that women are heavily outnumbered in the tech world so making a statement is important.