Bride-to-be Blogger Alyse: 100 Days To Go!

Burke/Triolo Productions

I think we have entered a significant countdown phase: 100 days to go! All this time I have been privately counting down the days with an app on my phone that today says “100 days until marriage.” You know, because it’s about the marriage, not the wedding, or something. But today I realized that I am not the lone count-downer, because several people have said “Happy 100 Days!” I wondered for a second if they also installed apps to count down the days—but I guess it’s more likely that they looked at the countdown on our wedding website or on the registry sites, which also which also have them.

Either way, we are definitely in an exciting phase of the wedding planning. This past week, I went with Kevin and my parents to our tasting. Because our venue Pomme is still in the final stages of construction, the tasting was held at Peche in Sherman Mills. (The caterer, Peachtree and Ward, owns both spaces.) We tasted wine along with about ten hors d’oeuvres, four different salads, a fish entree, a beef entree and four desserts. Because I enjoy being uncomfortably full, this was a perfect amount of food for me.

We actually had to cut dessert a little short because Kevin and I were traveling back to New York that same night. We wound up missing our train and filling ourselves even further with a few beers at the bar at 30th Street Station in Philly as we waited for the next train. It was such a good night that we didn’t ruin it by being annoyed about the train, but rather talked about the food and the wedding in between playing Words With Friends against each other at the bar.

Coming up, we have many decisions to make about the reception food and decor. We both believe that the cocktail-hour food is the most important regarding selection, so we will spend some time with the menu picking the perfect combination. We are going to do a fish or beef option for entree, which seems to be standard these days. Even though I am not a dessert person generally, I am very excited about the dessert options. Peachtree and Ward does a great job of making really unique dishes. Some of the options are mini key lime pies in small mason jars and milkshakes in small glasses. There are also some decisions to be made about the decor. At the tasting, we (by we, I mean my mom and I) looked at tablecloth and napkin samples. With the colors—champagne and coral—we are thinking about champagne or ivory linens.

There is a lot to think about for now. The final decisions should come in a month or so, which will be well in to the double-digit countdown.

Did you enjoy your tasting? How did you decide what food to serve at the cocktail hour?


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