Pederson: Bradford Would ‘Fit Perfectly’

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

It sure sounds like Doug Pederson would like to keep Sam Bradford around.

The new Eagles head coach was asked about Bradford multiple times during his introductory press conference. And while he couched his take by saying there is an evaluation process still to go through, he made his general stance on the matter pretty clear.

“Looking at the quarterback position here, I think Sam is a quality quarterback. I think he is a top-notch quarterback,” said Pederson. “Look what he did the last half of the season. The numbers that he was able to put up. I feel like he is an individual, he is a quarterback that would fit perfectly into a system that I am going to bring. And so as we evaluate, as I evaluate that position, those decisions will be made as we go.”

Pederson said that he does not know Bradford personally but thinks “he is a tremendous player” and liked him coming out of Oklahoma.

“He is someone I do want to reach out to and talk and have conversations with,” he said.

“I think Sam, he’s got all the tools. There’s no denying that. He’s got good size, he’s got a great arm, good mind for the game, and it’s just a matter now of just plugging him in and cutting him loose and utilizing those strengths in this system.”

One small problem: Bradford is set to become a free agent. The Eagles could place the franchise tag on him or, if Bradford is willing, the two sides could work out a long-term deal. Either way, it’s going to cost some serious bucks.

And Jeffrey Lurie is the one that cuts the checks. He reminded everyone of that Tuesday. In a back and forth with Pederson about the “collaborative effort” power structure, a reporter asked who breaks the tie. Lurie, stage left, quietly raised his hand, drawing laughs. The owner later suggested, though, that he would leave the decision on whether to try and retain Bradford largely to Pederson.

“I think really this is the time to leave that to the evaluation process,” said Lurie, when asked if he believes Bradford is a franchise QB. “We have a new head coach who understands the quarterback position a lot more than I do, and I think all the input of someone who really is now in charge of our football team as head coach will have a very large influence over that.”