‘I Think They Went With A Safe Pick’

Photo courtesy: USA Today Sports Images

Photo courtesy: USA Today Sports Images

We reached to some players (both former and current) to get their thoughts on the Doug Pederson hire. Here’s what they had to say.

Brandon Graham: “Man, that’s a great hire. I loved his energy when he was here and I am sure not too much of him has changed over three years. I can’t wait to get after the 2016 season with him.”

Nolan Carroll: “From what I hear he is a good coach. He was here before so he knows what is expected from the team. I think he and Mr. Lurie are on the same page on what they want the environment to look like.”

Najee Goode: “Still doing my research! Excited now we got the head piece figured out to the puzzle. Everything else should fall in line!”

Jeremiah Trotter: “I said from Day One that I was a really big [proponent of] Hue Jackson. And after that, you’re just kind of taking a chance on some of these guys. It’s not like you’re going to get a guy that’s got years and years of experience unless you’re going to go with a guy like Tom Coughlin; that didn’t really interest me. I didn’t think that was a great move.

“But I think they went with a safe pick. The fact that Andy had a lot of success here and has had success in Kansas City really helped the Eagles make their decision. I think they are going to like Doug. He’s a really good guy, a guy I played with. I think he’s going to be a player’s coach. The guys are really going to like and respect him. But this is a hard town to play in. The fans and the media, they can be tough on you. But if he can weather that storm and have success…anytime you have success, that makes everybody happy.

“He played here, he coached here, so he knows the city, he understands the fans, he understands the passion that the fans have so I really think that’s going to help him out. But he also understands with these fans, you’re on a short leash. This city wants to win and they want to win now.”

(We’ll continue to update as reaction comes in.)