Kendricks: ‘The Redskins Got Something Coming’

Photo by: Jeff Fusco

Trey Burton and Mychal Kendricks. (Jeff Fusco)

It was an ugly Sunday night in South Philadelphia for Billy Davis’ defense. The Eagles were shredded for an eye-popping 230 rushing yards in Sunday’s 40-17 loss to the Cardinals.

With the loss, the Eagles have to win Saturday’s matchup against Washington to win the NFC East and advance to the playoffs. Despite the dire straights, Mychal Kendricks was vocal and confident in his team despite the blowout loss to Arizona.

“Keep working. It’s that cliche, cookie-cutter answer, but that’s the truth,” Kendricks said. “We’ve got to just keep working. If I know this team, and I know myself, and I know the guys in here, the Redskins got something coming to them. For real. That’s real shit. That’s all I’ve got to say.”

Washington is averaging 72.8 rushing yards per game in its last four outings; in the first meeting between the two teams, Washington ran for 127 yards on the ground.

Kendricks knows the Eagles, who have allowed at least 100 rushing yards in 10 of 14 games this year, have to be better against opposing rushers in their final two games.

“It’s kind of hard to make sense of everything, being that I know we have a better run defense than that,” Kendricks said. “I think it just comes down to missed tackles, and wrapping up.”


DeMarco Murray’s lifeless first year with the Eagles found a new low Sunday night, as the expensive running back finished with just two carries for three yards. Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles received the bulk of the team’s 20 rushing attempts.

Afterwards, Murray dressed quickly and began to walk out of the stadium before reluctantly talking to reporters for a couple of minutes (h/t Patrick Wall).

“I was just surprised how the game went,” Murray said. “Obviously you want to get the win and things just didn’t go our way.

“Whenever I get an opportunity, I just got to make the best of it. I’m not calling the plays. Things [that are] out of my control, I can’t worry about it.”

Murray said he’s more frustrated with the team losing the game than anything individually.

“I’m fine. We’re in the hunt for the playoffs,” Murray said. “We’ve got two games left and we’ve got to keep grinding.”

Murray has repeatedly voiced his desire to stay and succeed in Philadelphia, however truthful that desire may be.

“This is what I signed up for. I’ll be here,” Murray said after the game, when asked whether he wanted to be with the Eagles next season if he continued to receive this kind of workload.

“I signed up to be here for an opportunity to make the playoffs.”


Byron Maxwell left the game Sunday and didn’t return because of an injury around his collarbone.

After the game, he talked to reporters for a short while about his condition going forward. The Eagles will face DeSean Jackson and Washington on Saturday.

“It’s not bad,” Maxwell said. “It’s not broken.”

Maxwell said he re-aggravated the injury when he tried to return to action for a play after he initially left the game.

He said he would do everything he can to play on Saturday.

“It’s feeling a lot better; I got a shot, and it’s feeling a lot better,” Maxwell said. “I’m able to move it and everything. But I still feel it. It still feels tight.”