Johnson On Pregame Confusion: ‘It Was Kind Of Messed Up’

Photo by Jeff Fusco

Photo by Jeff Fusco

It was getting close to kickoff, and Lane Johnson still didn’t know what position he was playing.

Jason Peters warmed up pre-game against the Dolphins and apparently indicated that he was ready to play, but got shot down by Chip Kelly.

“I think he tried to go and I think he was going to go but I don’t think Chip allowed him to go is what it was,” said Johnson. “When I got there I thought he was warming up so I was expecting to go right. In the locker room, I was kind of, ‘What the f— am I playing?’ and ended up knowing I was going left. It was kind of messed up.”

There was a report that said Kelly wanted to have Peters active and use him as a backup but Peters refused to dress unless he was starting. Any truth to that?

“Not that I know of,” said Johnson. “I think he told Stout [Jeff Stoutland] that he wanted to play, that he was ready to go and I think, I don’t know if him and Chip had a conversation but I think that sort of helped him make the decision.”

Peters practiced on Tuesday and did more than he has over the past couple weeks according to Johnson, who split time between left and right tackle during the session.

“As far as I know, I’m expecting to play right this week,” said Johnson, “but who knows.”