Marynowitz: I’m Not A ‘Yes’ Man

Ed Marynowitz. Birds 24/7.

Ed Marynowitz. Birds 24/7.

The success of the Eagles’ new power structure depends in part on 1) whether Ed Marynowtiz provides Chip Kelly with honest, sound personnel advice and 2) whether Kelly listens to it.

Speaking to the media for the first time since being elevated to VP of Player Personnel, Marynowitz addressed the question that has been on the minds of many since he was tabbed as Kelly’s right-hand man.

“I know that’s a common thing that everybody throws out: Is this guy just a ‘yes’ man?  To support the head coach, I don’t believe that’s just to tell him he’s right in everything that he says. You’re not going to disagree just to disagree, either. But I’ve never been afraid to voice my opinion.”

Marynowitz filled in some of the details surrounding his promotion back in late January, weeks after the front-office shakeup that lifted Kelly to power while cutting Howie Roseman out of the personnel business.

“As soon as it happened, I just told Chip, ‘Hey, I’m here to help.’ It’s a huge undertaking for a head coach to take over personnel responsibilities at that time in the process. At that time, with the departures that happened, I was the highest-ranking personnel person in the building, so it was my responsibility to get him caught up and up to speed on where we were at in the process from a pro scouting standpoint, in terms of free-agent preparation and in the draft. I caught him up to speed, let him know that I was here to support him in any way, and did not ask to be interviewed for the job or anything like that. They came to me later in the process and wanted to visit with me.”

When that time came, Marynowitz told him: “‘I’m here to support the head coach.’ It’s my belief in terms of our philosophy that everyone in the organization is here to support his vision. My responsibility and my role is to do it in the player personnel area. I just told Chip I am here to support him and his vision.”

Marynowitz says there have been few disagreements to this point because everyone is “speaking the same language” in terms of the types of players they are looking for. But when the situation calls for it, the 31-year-old fast-riser says he has no issues standing up for what he believes in.

“I’m very comfortable in doing that. The most important relationship in the building to me is the one [between] the head coach and whoever is the personnel director,” he said. “There’s  got to be mutual trust and respect for both parties. I told that to Chip. We had that conversation before I accepted the position. I’ve never been one to agree just to agree.

“I’ve got no problems speaking my mind. I’ve done the work, I’m confident in my preparation and that’s what Chip wants. He wants checks and balances, he wants to hear the opinions. We’re in this together and we’re going to make good decisions.”