Thursday Open Thread: Eagles Free Agency Updates

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Things have slowed down considerably, but with DeMarco Murray expected in town, we figured an open thread was in order.

We’ll keep this post updated throughout the day. New information will be added to the top.

6:37: The Eagles are looking to rework/extend Sam Bradford’s contract, according to Andrew Brandt:

4:44: This is going to be quite a collection of running backs (assuming they all stay put):

4:21: An Evan Mathis update:

Sheil gave some thoughts on that situation here. 3:40: Murray has arrived.

2:40: An expanding market for Evan Mathis?

2:28: Looks like there could be some interest in Evan Mathis.

2:17: The hits keep on coming. The Eagles are looking to trade Evan Mathis, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network. Mathis is 33, but he played at a high level last year and showed no signs of slowing down, even after returning from a knee injury. The Eagles have no logical replacements on the roster. And in case you missed it earlier, Nate Allen officially signed with the Raiders.

1:44: Terms of the Eagles/DeMarco Murray agreement are now out:

As for Ryan Mathews?

12:47: Would the signing of DeMarco Murray impact the Ryan Mathews situation?

12:39: Sounds like Murray is going to be an Eagle. Adam Schefter says he’s en route to Philadelphia and “expected to sign” with the Birds. The Cowboys have started to look into other RB options. We have a new post up with background and initial reaction on Murray.

11:24: In case you were curious about the time frame:

11:03 am: Rumors continue to fly. Signing both would be perplexing.

10:34 am: Make of this what you will:

10:20 am: A former scout’s opinion:

Meanwhile, as we wait for Murray to land in Philly, details of the Byron Maxwell deal have emerged:

9:37 am: Signs pointing towards a deal.

9:24 am: And there’s this:

“Before you sign, Ryan, let me show you the smoothie-maker. You’re gonna love this. It’s really something.”

9:06 am: Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Murray is coming to Philadelphia today with the “intent to sign” a contract. Obviously that could change, but Schefter was adamant that this is not a leverage play. One very important note: The Ryan Mathews contract has not been signed yet and is not official. If Murray joins the Eagles, it’s possible Mathews could no longer be in the mix.

8:24 am: Oregon’s Pro Day is today, but it sounds like Chip Kelly might be sticking around for the meet and greet with Murray.

Good point here by Ross Tucker:

We offered some thoughts on Murray yesterday.