Making Sense Of the Gamble Move

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Tom Gamble is no longer a part of the Eagles’ front office.

Gamble was named the team’s vice president of player personnel during the 2013 offseason. He had previously spent eight seasons with the San Francisco 49ers as a respected talent evaluator.

The Eagles may try to spin this as the two sides parting ways, but that seems like a stretch.

Tim reported in November that the relationship between Chip Kelly and Howie Roseman had cooled, but Kelly and Gamble remained close.

“I think Tom does an outstanding job,” Kelly said last week. “And if he has the opportunity to [be a GM somewhere else], then I would support him in anything. And if I can give him any help in that situation I would. But he’s a heck of a football guy.”

In the same press conference, Kelly said dealing with the cap and contracts is Roseman’s strength. He did not say anything about Roseman as a talent evaluator and offered a one-word answer when asked to describe his relationship with the GM: “Good.”

Kelly has been calling the shots since he was hired. He’s had final say on the 53-man roster, and his fingerprints have been all over the draft. Just last year, two of the Eagles’ first five draft picks were Oregon players whom Kelly had coached: Josh Huff and Taylor Hart.

The Eagles’ 2014 draft class did not contribute much as rookies, aside from Jordan Matthews. It’s easy to second-guess some of the other moves that have been Kelly’s call, like releasing DeSean Jackson and giving Riley Cooper $10 million guaranteed to start.

Gamble’s departure seems like a clear win for Roseman. Lurie was asked last week whether Roseman would be back as the GM.

“Is that a question?” Lurie responded. “Yes.”

The one draft we know Roseman was in control of was 2012, and that’s easily been the strongest in recent memory with Fletcher Cox, Mychal Kendricks, Nick Foles, Brandon Boykin, Vinny Curry and Bryce Brown. Letting Gamble go could be an indication that Lurie is stripping Kelly of some of his control and handing it back over to Roseman.

Will the GM have final say during the 2015 draft? How might that fly with Kelly?

The Eagles’ season officially ended just three days ago, but the offseason is already off to an eventful start.