How Kelly Views the Blowout Loss

Photo Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Chip Kelly used examples from around the league to help explain why he believes the outcome Sunday does not necessarily speak to a broad divide between the Eagles and Packers.

He referenced the Broncos’ surprising seven-point output in a loss to the Rams Sunday and noted that Tampa Bay, despite getting blown out 56-14 by Atlanta back in September, was favored the next time the two teams squared off.

“Every week is a season in this league, so I don’t think you can look at it that way,” said Kelly, who is not weighing the loss to Green Bay any heavier than the others because it was a blowout.

“If you have a mistake you have to admit your mistake, you have to fix your mistake and then try to not repeat it again. We keep the same formula in terms of what we’re doing. To quantify a loss by too many points or a loss by one point and differentiate between it, it’s not the way we operate.”

Some other highlights from Kelly’s day-after press conference:

— The head coach grabbed the back of a couple of his offensive players. Mark Sanchez had a rough second half against the Packers, which included an interception that Julius Peppers returned for a touchdown. Kelly said Sanchez made the right read and credited Green Bay defensive coordinator Dom Capers for adding a new wrinkle and dropping the defensive end in that situation where he previously hadn’t, and suggested that Sanchez was not at fault for the other turnovers.

“I don’t think you can blame Mark on this deal,” he said.

LeSean McCoy had 88 yards on 23 carries (3.8 average) Sunday while Darren Sproles got two carries for 21 yards. Why not more carries for No. 43?

“LeSean is our guy,” said Kelly. “Right now I think LeSean is doing a good job.”

— Kelly provided an update on Nick Foles, who got a workout in on the field pregame.

“He can work out now but it’s, does the bone heal? That’s the biggest question, at least the way it’s been relayed to me, and they’re not going to take an x-ray for a little bit here so until they get an update from an x-ray standpoint he’ll just continue to work out, continue to stay in shape,” said Kelly. “He worked out at the hotel, did some running stuff in the fitness center at the hotel early in the morning and will continue to do those things to make sure that when he does get cleared [he’ll be in shape].”

— A reporter brought up the fact that the Eagles’ losses have come at the hands of winning teams. Is that a sign of where they are in the maturation process, that they still need to develop into a team that can win those types of games?

“You could look at it that way, but I also think you can also look at it as, teams with a good record have a good record for a reason – because they don’t get beat. To just analyze it from a statistical standpoint and look at the metrics that their losses are to teams that have really good records so therefor they can’t beat teams that have really good records is…Sometimes you need to give credit to the other team.”