Baker On Foles Hit: ‘I Would Do It Again’

NFL: Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles

Redskins nose tackle Chris Baker had no regrets when asked about his hit on Nick Foles after Sunday’s game.

“I made a football play and I got punched in the face,” he said. “I did not do anything wrong besides make a football play and defend myself after getting hit. But if I could do it again, I would do it again. I did not do anything wrong, but I guess since he’s a quarterback, I guess I got ejected. But if you go back and review the film, in the first quarter I was hit the same way by a center [Jason Kelce]. But because I’m a lineman, it’s OK.”

Baker leveled Foles after what was initially ruled an interception. That drew the wrath of Jason Peters, and both players ended up getting ejected.

“I was doing what I was taught, and that’s to go get a block,” said Baker. “I did not look to see if it was the quarterback. But all I saw was someone going towards the ball and I got my head in front and lowered my shoulder, which is a legal football move, doing what I was taught to do, and I get punched in my face on the sideline. Next thing you know, I’m ejected for a block.

“I was not told why I was ejected. I guess it was for the illegal hit. I never punched anyone and I defended myself by grabbing [Peters’] facemask. But I never punched anyone. I made a legal football hit and got ejected.

“The whistle had not been blown. He was going towards the ball, the ballcarrier was taking a right and he could have made the tackle. I did not even really hit him hard. I just happened to hit him on his shoulder, and he happened to fall. He’s the quarterback and I guess that’s why there was an ejection.”

Of course, based on the NFL rulebook, the hit was illegal, unless you can argue that Foles was in a “distinctively defensive position.”


According to a report, neither Baker nor Jason Peters will be suspended: