McCoy: Foles Was ‘Lights Out’ In the Spring

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

Photo by: Jeff Fusco.

LeSean McCoy was honored Wednesday with the 2014 John Wanamaker Athletic Award.

And during the ceremony, he spoke with reporters on a variety of topics – one of which was Nick Foles.

“Nick, he wants to play, he wants to get better,” McCoy said, via “He’s playing lights-out even in camp, but he still wants to be at a higher level. He’s at that peak where people know him like, ‘Man, this Foles, is he that good?’ Because you see the stats, you see the numbers. I think this is the year he blows ‘em out like, ‘Yeah, I’m Nick Foles. I’m Philadelphia’s quarterback. I’m the guy.’ And this is the year he blows it away.”

Foles will likely be operating without his starting right tackle for the first four weeks of the season. While there still has been nothing official handed down on Lane Johnson, the expectation is that he’ll be suspended. McCoy admitted that will be a blow, but spoke highly of Johnson’s probable replacement.

“That would suck to lose him for that many games, but the good thing [is] we have Allen Barbre,” McCoy said. “Barbre is a sure veteran backup who we gave some money to because we know he can play. And if he has to come in here and step in and play, we’re confident with him.”

And finally, McCoy talked about himself. He’s said repeatedly this offseason that he’s the best running back in the league.

Asked yet again about that topic, McCoy said: “I don’t want to keep saying it over and over. Now it’s time to prove it. I’ve said how I felt. I’ve said what my numbers show. Now it’s time to prove it. It’s time for camp and train until camp time and put the pads on. At the end of the year, we’ll be at the same point again, and I’ll be saying the same thing. I’m tired of really talking about it. Ali said it a lot, but he didn’t say it all the time.”

Video of McCoy’s meeting with reporters is embedded below.