An Update On the Secondary

Safety Patrick Chung was pulled in favor of Kurt Coleman after allowing Greg Jennings to beat him for a 57-yard touchdown pass. Defensive coordinator Billy Davis said that moving Chung in and out of the lineup was the plan all along.

“Going into the game, both Patrick and Kurt knew that we were rotating every two series,” said Davis. “It happened that he had on that second series he had that [play against him]. But going into that game we were going to rotate. Now we were rotating because Patrick has been in a little bit of a slump, but he is increasing, he getting better and better as we go. That was a bad snap for him but there was going to be an every two-series rotation of the safeties regardless of that play happening.”

Davis went on to say that Coleman and Chung split the reps 50-50 at practice last week. Chung and Earl Wolff  had a similar arrangement earlier in the season. A rotation will continue, assuming health, until someone separate themselves, Davis said.

Coleman suffered a hamstring injury in the loss to Minnesota and did not practice Tuesday. Wolff  (knee) is hoping to return to action, but will be eased back in when he finally does get the green light.

In other injury news, Brandon Boykin continues to go through the necessary protocol after sustaining a concussion and was sidelined Tuesday. He was in attendance, however, which could be looked at as good news as Roob points out

 Colt Anderson (knee) also did not practice Tuesday.