Eagles Now Favorites To Win Division

So, Nick Foles prop bets exist. What were the odds of that at the beginning of the year?

Bovada released some gambling information that might be of interest to Eagles fans. Most notably, they currently list Chip Kelly‘s group as the favorites to win the NFC East. Here’s the breakdown:

Eagles 5/6
Cowboys 7/4
Giants 15/4
Redskins 25/1

Football Outsiders gives the Eagles a 61.1 percent chance of making the playoffs, up 18 percent from a week ago. By their calculations, they have a 53 percent chance of winning the division (Dallas has a 44 percent chance). They also have the likelihood of the Eagles landing a particular seed in the postseason. It breaks down as follows:

#1 seed: 0 percent
#2 seed: 3 percent
#3 seed: 21.3 percent
#4 seed: 28.9 percent
#5 seed: 1.1 percent
#6 seed:  6.7 percent

Per Bovada, the Eagles have 14/1 odds of winning the NFC and 33/1 odds of hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. As for those Foles props:

Will Nick Foles lead the League in Passer Rating in the 2013 Regular Season? (Note: Foles is currently at 128.0 which would break Aaron Rodgers record of 122.5 in 2011)     

Yes   +150     (3/2)

No     -200     (1/2)

How many more Passes will Nick Foles throw before he throws his first interception this season? (Note: Foles has currently thrown 199 straight passes without an interception)

Over/Under   42½

I guess old No.9 has officially made it.