(Extended) Weekend Reading: DeSean Aiding Wounded Warriors

First, we would like to thank our service men and women for their bravery and sacrifice.

In that spirit: DeSean Jackson and other NFL players are taking part in a softball game with the Wounded Warrior Amputee Softball Team on June 1st  in Bowie, Maryland to raise funds for amputee charities and awareness for amputees challenges.  Further information can be found here if you are interested in attending or helping out in any way.

All proceeds of ticket sales will be donated to charities that directly impact the continued care and lives of wounded warriors with amputations.

Now onto some football-related links.

Bryce Brown told the team’s website that he believes he can become an elite running back. To do so, he will need to clean up his fumbling issues.

Ball security “has been probably my number one priority besides being in shape,” Brown said. “And I think being in shape and being able to go longer will help me in that area. I can say last year I wasn’t in the best shape that I could be. I’m in a lot better shape now. I think me being in the best shape that I can (be) will allow me to dig deep, fight harder and be able to hone in on the little things like keeping the ball (protected).”

New offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland seems to like what he sees out of Danny Watkins so far. From Domo:

“I have seen an improvement in Danny. I’ve spent a lot of time with Danny. He’s put a lot of time into this thing on his own. Outside of what we’re doing (as a team), he’s putting a lot of time into it trying to learn this system. Because it’s a new system. New terminology. New footwork. He’s a pleasure to coach. He wants to learn. Those are the kind of people I like to be around. People who have a burning desire to be the best.’’

Todd Lyght, the assistant defensive backs coach who came over with Chip Kelly from Oregon, talked to Reuben Frank about the difficulty of defending this offense.

“Coach Kelly does a great job of keeping tremendous pressure on the defense with multiple sets and spreading the ball around, and anybody at any given time can have the opportunity to make a big play.

“That’s the entire key. You pretty much have to defend the entire field. You can’t really focus on one or two players because then the back side of the formation will get exploited. It’s not a situation where you can roll the field and leave the back side exposed, because Coach Kelly will find a way to exploit that.”

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. All the best to our readers, especially those in the military.

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