Eagles Wake-Up Call: Decision Soon On Kelly?

Brian Kelly is “seriously debating” making the leap to the NFL, a source tells Adam Hoge of CBSChicago.com.

But according to the report, there’s one major issue: He doesn’t have an offer from the Eagles yet.

The Eagles interviewed Kelly on Tuesday, one day after the BCS title game. And they are expected to talk to him once again after he returns from vacation.

All along, Jeffrey Lurie has emphasized that the plan is to be thorough. Earlier this week, SI.com’s Peter King indicated that the Eagles really liked Bill O’Brien, but not enough to make him an offer on the spot. And the team is still expected to interview Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley, Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians and Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden.

As for Kelly, many speculated that he might simply be using the Eagles to negotiate a better deal at Notre Dame. But I’m not sure that adds up. Like I mentioned earlier this week, Kelly just got the Fighting Irish to the national title game. He was already operating from a position of strength and power. And there are repercussions to flirting with the NFL. Notre Dame has already lost a linebacker recruit because of Kelly’s indecision, per Rivals.com.

By all indications, many at Notre Dame are in the dark about what Kelly’s going to do. From SI.com’s Pete Thamel:


The ball appears to be in the Eagles’ court. If they really want Kelly, they’ll meet with him again and make him an offer.

If they want to continue with the process as planned, Kelly will be the one forced to make a decision. Wait around for an offer, which would undoubtedly upset many at Notre Dame; or decide the NFL can wait and stay put.

One way or another, we’ll likely know how serious of a candidate he is by the end of the weekend.


The Eagles will meet with Jay Gruden on Monday, Tim reports.

Andy Reid has most of his coaching staff together. Doug Pederson will be his offensive coordinator; Tommy Brasher his defensive line coach; and his son, Britt, will serve as quality-control coach.

Marty Mornhinweg is getting a look from Rex Ryan and the Jets.

The Eagles aren’t the only team interested in Bradley. The Chargers interviewed him already. Lovie Smith interviewed with San Diego also.


Tommy Lawlor over at IgglesBlitz.com took an in-depth look at Brian Kelly:

I really believe that the inability to work psychological angles and push buttons hurt player development for the Eagles in recent years. Andy Reid seemed to treat his players in a trusting, respectful way. Kelly would be much more demanding. He would be confrontational. He would turn off some players, but if he just connected with a few guys, it would be huge. The Eagles had many good and very good players under Andy Reid, but few great ones.

Evan Mathis made Pro Football Focus’ All-Pro Team:

In the highlight driven world in which we live, many people seem to like like guards who pancake people on occasion, regardless of what they do on the other 1000+ plays. We like them doing whatever it takes to block guys consistently, play in play out. In that regard there isn’t a player in the league close to Mathis.


The coaching search continues.

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