Eagles Wake-Up Call: Schiano And the Chip Kelly Question

Greg Schiano was asked to weigh in on the Chip Kelly debate Wednesday, and he probably didn’t even know it.

The line of questioning by the Philly media: Just how important is having some NFL coaching experience in your history to making a successful head-coaching transition from college to the pros? Schiano pointed out that his Bucs are sitting at .500 through 12 games, so he’s not sure how successful he’s been. But he made it clear that it was a big plus for him.

“I think the biggest thing for me is I was fortunate enough to have coached in the National Football League back in the late ’90s so I had a frame of reference of what kind of went on,” said Schiano.

“The head coach training — 11 years at Rutgers as head coach — was  ultimately the most important thing…but the experience of being in the National Football League was very important as well.”

Schiano was a defensive assistant for the Bears from 1996-98 before heading to the college ranks. Similarly, 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh spent two seasons as the Raiders offensive coordinator before going the collegiate route.

Kelly has never coached in the NFL, and there is a debate going on about just how big of a deal that is. Schiano believes that college coaches are better equipped now to make the leap.

“I think availability of information has helped coaches grow,” said Schiano. “If a guy has a willingness to grow as a coach he now has the information and the resources to watch and learn. If you’re willing to study tape, you can get 90 percent of the scheme and the secret.”

Kelly and Schiano’s fates are tied together. Kelly originally agreed to become Tampa’s head coach last year before he had a change of heart and went back to Oregon. That opened the door for Schiano.

“I know Chip but I never talked to him about this job,” he said. “I knew that it was going that way when I was involved with it and quite frankly I wanted the job so I wasn’t happy, but when the thing changed a couple hours later I was more happy.”


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