Eagles Draft Watch: Week 14 Edition

With Sunday night’s loss to the Cowboys, the Eagles fell to 3-9 on the season.

Only two teams – the Jaguars and Chiefs – have fewer wins at 2-10. The Raiders and Panthers join the Eagles at 3-9. The tiebreaker among teams with the same record is strength of schedule. The team with the overall easier schedule gets the higher pick. Here’s a look at the top five.

WinsLossesOpponent SOS
Chiefs (1)210.505
Jaguars (2)210.552
Raiders (3)39.464
Eagles (4)39.510
Panthers (5)39.516

The Chiefs have an easier strength of schedule than the Jaguars, so they’d pick first. The Raiders have an easier strength of schedule than both the Eagles and Panthers, so they’d pick third. And the Birds are ahead of Carolina with the fourth pick.

In terms of remaining schedule, the Eagles have the toughest slate of any of the five teams. Their remaining opponents are a combined 26-22. The Raiders have the easiest slate. Their opponents are 18-30.

The Chiefs and Raiders meet in Week 15. And the Raiders and Panthers play each other in Week 16. In other words, someone’s got to win those games.

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