What They’re Saying About the Eagles

Here’s a roundup of what the national media are saying about Eagles-Redskins:

Eliot Harrison of NFL.com likes the Redskins, 27-22:

Nick Foles gives it his best shot. Andy Reid does his best to take LeSean McCoy out of the game right after he rips off a 25-yard run. Did you know McCoy had four carries on the Philadelphia Eagles’ opening touchdown drive versus Dallas? Reid gave him 12 the rest of the game. You know Reid’s eyes are getting huge at the prospect of facing a Washington Redskins secondary that hemorrhages yards and has rubber-stamped 20 touchdowns (tied for most in the league). Hopefully Reid will tap the brakes, realize he’s got a third-round draft pick out there under center, and put the ball in McCoy’s belly.

SI.com’s Peter King offers his take on Nick Foles:

Nick Foles, who looks like the “Shaggy” character from Scooby Doo fame, gets his first start against the Redskins and a slightly more famous member of the quarterbacks draft class of 2012. Fellow by the name of Robert Griffin III. If Foles wins, I can’t see Andy Reid benching him immediately if Mike Vick gets healthy post-concussion.

King predicts a 30-17 Redskins victory:

Get a haircut, Nick Foles. Oh, some football analysis? I don’t like the retooled Eagles D’s ability to frustrate Robert Griffin III, mainly because I haven’t seen the Todd Bowles Eagles scare the quarterback consistently yet. BigDay, BobGriff.

Ashley Fox of ESPN.com predicts a 17-13 Redskins win:

The Redskins have lost nine of their past 10 games at home and are playing for next season, but they’re playing a team that has quit.

Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com has Washington, 37-27:

The Eagles will give Nick Foles his first start because of the injury to Mike Vick. Making your first start on the road is tough. But the Redskins really struggle on defense. The Eagles don’t rush the passer, which means Robert Griffin III should have success throwing it as well. This should be fun. Too bad it means nothing.

Peter Schrager of FoxSports.com predicts a 27-17 Redskins win:

Nick Foles! Riley Cooper! Jake Scott! Bryce Brown! Some other guys! Ladies and gentlemen, your 2012 “Dynasty” Eagles. Washington’s been in a rut of late, losing three straight before their bye week. The Philly offense should be the perfect cure to their ills. Expect turnovers. A whole lot of ‘em.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has the Eagles, 24-21:

The struggling Philly offense finally finds an equally struggling defense.  And the struggling Philly defense finally finds digs deep and finds a way to avoid getting torched.

Evan Silva of Rotoworld.com goes with the Redskins, 27-20:

“I think the one thing that stands out about Foles, which is a real positive, is he’s got a pretty good sense of timing and anticipation,” NFL Films’ Greg Cosell opined this week. “And he’s also got some movement ability within the pocket. He actually has much better pocket movement than Vick.” Foles’ ability to slide around and away from oncoming rushers would come in awfully handy behind the Eagles’ turnstile O-Line.

Mike Tanier of SportsOnEarth.com likes the Eagles, 26-20:

Speaking of the Eagles, Griffin said on a conference call this week that he spoke with Andy Reid during the scouting combine and that Reid was “very interested” in him. Too much can be made of this: Everyone was interested in Griffin. But disappointed Eagles fans can dream up retroactive trades – Michael Vick, Nnamdi Asomugha, two first-round picks and the right to hit Asante Samuel in the face with a custard pie to the Rams for the Griffin pick and the stuff Dick Vermeil left in the supply closet – and imagine what could have been. With Griffin, the Eagles would be the Redskins: 3-6, with a veteran coach taking heat, a rookie under center, and an uncertain plan for how to move forward. Yep, things would be totally different.

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