Reid: Vick Is the Starter

It took a while, but Andy Reid has finally backed Michael Vick. At least for Monday night.

Reid confirmed Wednesday morning that Vick will be his starter in New Orleans for the crucial game against the Saints.

There was a report following the Eagles’ disheartening loss to the Falcons that Reid was leaning towards benching Vick for rookie Nick Foles. Vick’s postgame comments only fueled speculation.

“Obviously he’s thinking about making a  change at the quarterback position,” said Vick. “The thing I do know when I go watch the film and evaluate myself is that I’m giving us every opportunity to win. I’m trying my hardest. Some things don’t go right when I want them to; some things do. If that’s the decision the coach wants to make, then I’ll support it.”

Reid remained silent on the issue until Wednesday. The Eagles offices were closed earlier in the week because of the storm, though that would not have prevented the head coach from getting the word out earlier if he wanted to. It is more than possible that Reid spent the last few days contemplating a move.

Ultimately he chose Vick, who will make his 100th career start Monday. Vick has completed 59 percent of his throws through seven games for 1,823 yards with nine touchdowns in eight interceptions. He has 13 turnovers in all.

It would have been start No. 1 for Foles. In the preseason, the Arizona product completed 64 percent of his passes and threw six touchdowns to two interceptions for a quarterback rating of 110.1. This is a pressure-packed situation to put the third-round pick in, with the sharks circling and Reid desperate to succeed in this make-or-break season. Plus, the Superdome is considered the loudest venue in the NFL. It would be a difficult place for a debut, particularly behind this offensive line.

So Reid sticks with Vick for the time being.