Cox Ejection, Allen Injury Come Back To Sting Eagles

The Eagles were without two of their key defenders down the stretch and it cost them.

Fletcher Cox was ejected with about 11 minutes remaining in regulation after throwing a punch. The play came following a Jason Hanson extra point that brought the Lions within three. Some extra-curricular activity followed and the next thing you knew, Cox was getting kicked out.

“I came off the ball and ended up at the bottom of the pile,” said Cox. “I felt someone hitting on me and I started puching my way out. I threw a punch. I must admit I did throw a punch and he threw me out of the game.

“It’s hard because knowing that that happened, and me being ejected from the game, I was talking to Coach [Jim] Washburn before I came in the locker room and he told me that it was going to be hard with just three defensive tackles. I had a bad feeling and it just hurts.”

Cox took to Twitter later in the evening to further express his regrets.


Cox said Andy Reid pulled him to the side in-game and told the him, “That can’t happen in a game like that.”

The rookie defensive tackle has been a bright spot up until this point and generally sees more snaps than any other Eagles’ defensive tackle.

“He’s a rookie. He’s got a little dog in him. That’s what it’s about. That’s just how we are on the D-Line,” said Trent Cole.

Earlier on that drive, Allen exited with an injured hamstring following a 20-yard pick-up by Calvin Johnson. Allen indicated that he actually hurt himself earlier in the drive and probably should have taken himself out. He was replaced by Colt Anderson, the special team ace that doesn’t see many snaps on defense. Anderson was whistled for a pass interference on the Lions’ game-tying drive, though Detroit likely would have wound up with the  field goal regardless.

The Lions had six points when Allen left. They finished with 26.

“I’ve got to be ready to play,” said Anderson. “Any time in the game your number can be called, and I just got to be ready to play.”