Boykin Responds To Antonio Brown

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Brandon Boykin.It didn’t take long for Antonio Brown‘s curious insult to make its way to Brandon Boykin.

“My phone was just blowing up after meetings,” said Boykin. “No matter what happens with social media now, you’ll find out anything. Actually my brother talked to me earlier, and he was more fired up about it than I was. He was like, ‘Man I want you to go out there and …’ I’m like, brother, just chill, it’s all good. Sunday we’ll see.”

The Pittsburgh wide receiver fired a shot at Boykin, saying that that he expects the Steelers to pick on him Sunday and called the rookie corner, ‘The candy bar.”

“I didn’t even get it. I was confused,” said Boykin. “It’s good. It’s doing nothing but giving me a little bit more attention. I have to go out and do what I do, and if I do it right, he’s actually helped me in a  sense. So tell him I appreciate it.”

Boykin was asked if the comments fired him up at all.

“Of course, but the game is not until Sunday so there’s no point in me rah-rahing in the media right now. I’m just going to let my game do the talking.

“I feel like I’ve done pretty good. Definitely have some things that I can improve on. I’ve been guarding great receivers since the season started, going from Anquan Boldin to Larry Fitzgerald to Victor Cruz, and I’ll continue to fight each and every week.”

The Georgia product has three passes defensed and 10 tackles through four games.

Players in the Eagles locker room seemed generally amused by Brown’s comments. Trent Cole, for one, was eating it up.

“I like their attitude over there. I like their attitide,” said Cole. “I think Boykin likes that challenge. I think it’s awesome to have that. If I was him, I would love to have that challenge; I would love to have somebody talking like that, because you know when it comes down to that moment, it don’t matter who’s better or who’s been there longer or who’s got a bigger contract, it’s: who is going to play best that night? Talk is talk, and let your actions speak louder.”