Jason Babin Says He’s Playing Against the Browns

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Jason BabinJason Babin had a bag of ice taped around his right calf following practice Monday, but put his health percentage at 98.9.

Is he absolutely going to play against the Browns?

“Well, I’m going to play. I don’t where the ‘absolutely’ part comes into play,” said Babin. “But I practiced today, felt fine, it was crisp, didn’t look as if I had missed much time.”

Babin has been sidelined since late July with a calf strain but doesn’t seem concerned about needing time to catch up.

“I live my life every day as a professional,” said Babin. “I wake up before the sun, I eat right, I sleep right, I treat my body right. I’ve had the opportunity to be in this defense for two years now. Was I a little rusty today? You could split hairs. Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t. But I felt good, it was crisp, and it was a good place to start.”

Elsewhere on the injury front:

* Dion Lewis, who was held out of Thursday’s game against the Jets with a lingering hamstring injury, says he’ll be fine for Sunday.

* Colt Anderson told reporters that he practiced Monday and is keeping the possibility alive that he’ll play in Cleveland.