10 Pimped-Out Bike Accessories for National Bike to Work Week

With Bike to Work Day this week, we've got the ultimate list of cycling gear swag to get you in the spirit. Hold on to your helmets!

For those who aren’t hip to all of the funky holidays that crop up on the calendar throughout the year, guess what? This week is National Bike to Work Week, and Bike to Work Day is Friday, May 17th. Back in 1956, the Cycle Trade Association of America announced the first-ever Bike Month, with a goal of promoting bicycle sales. It’s a little different now: Today, the festivities center around encouraging safe bicycling practices and promoting cycling as a viable commuting alternative.

So, we thought, what better way to celebrate Bike Month, Bike Week, and/or Bike Day than by picking a few swaggy accessories to pimp out your two-wheel ride? After all, what better way to get you to ride your bike more than by tricking it out with fun new toys?

And so we give you: 10 Pimped-Out Bicycle Accessories. Happy biking!

Where to Buy:

1. Because who wants to bike without their beats? Now, you can. SoundShell Bicycle Speaker Case, Portable Travel Speakers, for iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4G) or iPod at Amazon, $24.99.

2. To keep your bicycle stylish. (And for lovers of onomatopoeia!) Claire La Secrétaire “Driing” Bicycle Bell at Eleanor’s NYC, $30.00.

3. A man’s best friend may be his dog, but a biker’s best friend is his plant. Seriously. Red Planter for your Bike: A Wearable Planter at Etsy, $45.00.

4. Keeps you cool in the hot sun, minimizes wind drag, provides safety from the rain. Plus, it makes your bike look like the Bat Mobile. Uberhood – Classic at Uberhood, $59.00.

5. Admit it: you’re kind of annoyed you have to part with your phone when you go biking. Luckily for you, this kit will keep you two inseparable.  Quad Lock Bike Mount Kit – iPhone 5 at Quad Lock, $69.95.

6. Not only is it practical (a can holder!), it’s gorgeously made–with rigid leather, this guy is hand-stitched to be structurally sound. Hell, I’d buy it and not put a can in there. Walnut Studiolo’s Bicycle Can Cage at Supermarket HQ, $72.00.

7. What do you do once you get to your office? Lock your bicycle up, right? This holster makes riding with a U-Lock a beautiful breeze. Leather Bike U-Lock Holster at Etsy, $73.00.

8. Just click on the link, seriously. LIGHTS ON YOUR WHEELS. LIGHTS. Monkey Light Bike Light at Amazon, $74.99.

9. We’re getting a liiiiittle pricy here, but damn. This oak and ash wood handlebar is sick. Wooden Riser Bicycle Handlebar at Etsy, $133.

10. “This saddle has no break-in period. It feels good from day one.” ‘Nuff said. Plus: it’s made in America and looks pretty badass. Selle Anatomica – Titanico at Selle Anatomica, $159.00.

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