Frequently Asked Questions About Best of Philly

Best of Philly is our annual compendium of everything that is new, fantastic and special in Philadelphia. It’s an issue we look forward to working on all year. And every year — we’ve been producing Best of Philly since 1974 — we find ourselves answering the same question: People want to know how we pick the winners that we do. So we’re spelling out our process here, for all to see. Still have questions? Email

How do you choose Best of Philly winners?
Very good question! It’s one we get often. The editors of Philadelphia magazine report Best of Philly for the entire year. We fan out across the region to eat, drink, test and experience everything that we think might be a contender. The categories change from year to year because they reflect what’s going on in our changing city and world. Except for a handful of categories that we release for readers to vote on every year in our reader polls, winners are handpicked by the editorial staff.

Where can I nominate a business to win a Best of Philly?
You can’t. Except for five or so categories that are voted on by the public in our reader polls (these categories change every year), all winners are chosen by editors and writers at the magazine — there is no nomination or voting process.

I own an awesome business and want to tell you all about it. How do I do that?
You are more than welcome to send information about your company or a company that you love to Two things to note here: First, while this is an active email account checked by editors, it is a popular one, so you most likely won’t receive a response (but know: we are seeing your email). Second, having multiple people send emails in support of your business won’t get you a leg up. (See above: no nominations.)

I’ve heard that advertisers get preferential treatment and that you can buy your way into Best of Philly. C’mon, tell us the truth.
This is 100 percent not true, never has been, never will be. Fake news! Philadelphia magazine’s editorial standards are immovable — we’ve built a loyal audience over decades through trust, and we wouldn’t compromise our readers for anything. Not even money.