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2020 Best Old Thing Revived by Coronavirus #1: The Open Mic

Delco Quarantine Open Mic

Musicians love to play for other people, but once bars and music venues closed, that wasn’t exactly possible. Enter the Facebook group Delco Quarantine Open Mic, which quickly grew to more than 14,800 members — many from Delco, but plenty from other areas, too. The page hosts several shows a week and features some seriously talented people who might make you think about pulling that old guitar of yours out of the attic. Read More »


2019 Best Open-Mic Night

Glbl Vllg’s Jams

There's only one rule at these roving events put on by this new grassroots entertainment group: If you are on the rug, you are going to participate. And that's not a threat, that's the point, because wellness comes in many forms, including letting your inner soul out. Keep reading here. Read More »