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2024 Best “New” Bagel Shop

Cleo Bagels

From humble beginnings in a basement kitchen, Alex Malamy has been on a bagel-making odyssey that has captivated us for years. What began as Dodo Bagels, a beloved pop-up sensation offering surprising toppings like lavender and togarashi, has now found its brick-and-mortar home as Cleo Bagels. He’s still churning out inventive bagel creations like the Ramen Thing sandwich, but the more conventional plain bagels and savory bialys are just as delicious. Read More »

5013 Baltimore Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Website

2021 Best Bagels


Crispy exteriors, fluffy, chewy interiors (with that now-requisite sourdough quality about them), thick schmears, cheffy chutneys and jams if you so please. They’re just great bagels, made by a staff of friendly people — which Philly could always use a little more of. Read More »

1700 South 10th Street, Philadelphia, PA Website

2019 Best Bagels

Fill A Bagel & Breads

A bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on a fresh NYC-style everything bagel and a cup of La Colombe coffee to go? Breakfast (or lunch) handled. Additional location in Oreland. Read More »

424 Old York Road, Jenkintown, PA | 215-887-8577 | Website

2018 Best Bagels


It’s true: The best bagels in the city don’t come from a bagel shop. Baker Bonnie Sarana Noll makes a limited batch fresh each morning at her cozy dessert cafe, and they’ve got those New York qualities (chewy on the inside, crisp and bubbly on the outside) that we could never quite replicate in Philly – until now. Read More »

1611 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, PA | (917) 751-7044 | Website

2016 Best Bagels

Philly Style Bagels

It's the modern success story: Two smart foodies host a popular bagel pop-up shop at Pizzeria Beddia, launch a successful crowdfunding campaign, and, earlier this year, finally open their own corner bagelry in Fishtown, so everyone — even your pretentious New York friends — might know the bliss of a crusty bagel boiled in Yards IPA. Read More »

1451 East Columbia Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Website

2014 Best Pizza Bagel

South Street Bagels

The bagels here have too many "Best of" wins to count, but now there's another reason to swing by this shop: red sauce and gooey cheese plopped right on top. Perfect at room temp. Read More »

613 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-627-6277 | Website

2013 Best Bagels

South Street Philly Bagel

Weve come to accept the fact that New York has better bagels. They just do. But this South Street institution is the closest weve found to New Yorks greatness nice and crispy on the outside, just the right amount of soft chew on the inside and the $7.75 lox special on a toasted everything with pickles on the side will sustain you for most of the day. Read More »

613 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-627-6277 | Website

2012 Best Bagels

Spread Bagelry

Judging by the line out the door on Saturday and Sunday mornings, we're now a city of converts. Screw New York. We want our bagels smaller, denser, sweeter. We want them Montreal-style. And we want them from Spread in Rittenhouse Square. Read More »

262 South 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-545-0626 | Website

2011 Best Bagels

Hot Bagels and More

If Philly is a good-bagel desert, then here, carb-lover, is your oasis: a goofily named local chain at the Jersey Shore with four outposts, bready bagels that don't lose their chewy texture when reheated, and a chived cream cheese that constitutes all the "more" you need. Read More »

See website for locations Website

2009 Best Bagels

South Street Philly Bagel

You'll justify waiting in the steamy, cramped, un-air-conditioned quarters for these just-baked, crunchy-crusted, doughy rounds, which put other area bagel makers to shame. Health nuts can go oat or whole wheat, and there are powder-sugar-dusted French toast and chocolate chip varieties. But true bagelphiles simply order an everything smeared with the superb whipped cream cheese and then a plain to eat on the walk home. Read More »

613 South 3rd Street, Philadelphia, PA | 215-627-6277 | Website