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2022 Best Botox Alternative

Cosmetic acupuncture at Alma Acupuncture

This less-invasive process at new, women-owned outpost Alma Acupuncture works more slowly than Botox (between six and 12 treatments are recommended), but those fine facial needles are worth it, improving complexions by stimulating collagen and elastin production. Plus, you’ll get a holistic health evaluation along with a dose of body acupuncture and facial massage — all with Sabbatical Beauty skin-care products. Read More »

1856A Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA Website

2022 Best Acupuncture Clinic

Summit Acupuncture

Rumor has it Summit Acupuncture in Callowhill is the place where Philly’s top athletes and fitness trainers go to heal and repair their bodies, and we get why. From an airy, light-filled loft, founder Jason Krantz and his team provide traditional Chinese medicine treatments like acupuncture, cupping and gua sha — plus practical, easily incorporated holistic health advice — that’ll leave you feeling like you finally got a good night’s sleep. Read More »

421 North 7th Street, suite 205, Philadelphia, PA Website

2015 Best Acupuncture

Dory Ellen Fish Acupuncture

It's not clear why it works or how Fish knows exactly where to put those needles, but expect knots of stress to melt away, and an energy boost so strong that you'll toss out your half-full cup of Starbucks. The ultimate proof? We still felt loose, centered, downright Zen, while sitting in interminable traffic on 76. Read More »

1026 West Lancaster Avenue, Bryn Mawr, PA | 215-247-2211 | Website