A Mindfulness-Focused DIY Candle Shop Is Coming to Grad Hospital

State of Being Co.'s affirmation candles get a permanent home on South Street this Friday.

State of Being Co. is opening a brick-and-mortar candle store and workshop space in Grad Hospital. / Photograph courtesy of State of Being Co.

There’s been a hobby renaissance of late, as more and more people turn to hands-on activities for the sake of creativity and de-stressing. From glassblowing and stitching to pottery and candle-making, your options are seemingly limitless, especially as the number of DIY-focused businesses continues to rise in the area.

Enter Philly’s newest candle shop, State of Being Co. Officially opening this Friday, the boutique will bring candle-making workshops to the Grad Hospital neighborhood. Whether you go solo, with friends, or for date night, you’ll learn about the full creative process, including scent combinations and how to design a balanced (ahem, good-smelling) candle. Workshops span 90 minutes, will run Tuesday through Sunday, can accommodate up to 16 guests, and cost $55 per person. (You can book yours here!) You can also book a private candle-making sesh by emailing State of Being Co. Bonus: The space is BYOB.

The storefront will also serve as the brick-and-mortar home of the eponymous local candle biz, which owner Beth Geddio started during the first year of the pandemic. Geddio, who was struggling to adjust to lockdown (relatable!), “turned to affirmations as a daily practice to start my day on a positive note and to candles to create a ‘mood,’” she says.

State of Being Co.’s ‘Daring’ candle

Then, the idea came to her: Why not combine the two? Speaking positive affirmations can help combat negative self-talk and doom thought-spiraling — and the early stages of the pandemic certainly heightened both of those for many of us. So, Geddio connected with local manufacturer Philadelphia Scent Studio to create custom scents and affirmation-focused candles before launching State of Being Co. in November of 2020.

Basically, every scent has been mindfully paired with a one-word affirmation in order to enhance a specific feeling. ‘Daring’ smells like fig and iris, which awakens one’s capacity to share creative energy and follow your intuition. ‘Worthy,’ on the other hand, evokes notes of bergamot for a sense of protection and courage, palo santo for good fortune, and cactus for unconditional love. As Geddio puts it, every candle “leverages the power of scent and memory science to help users train their brains to think more positively and transform their state of mind.”

State of Being Co.’s ‘Abundant’ candle

The affirmation candles have grown in popularity these past three years — they were included in the Emmys’ and Oscars’ gifting suites! — and Geddio knew it was time to create a space where the Philadelphia community could come in and smell/interact with the candles more directly. (The candles were previously sold online, at pop-up markets, and on social media.) “State of Being is all about combining your physical senses with your inner thoughts, so having a space helps us amplify this mission even more,” Geddio says. “With the option to purchase a pre-made candle or make one of your own during our workshops, this is the place to come and set a positive intention on your own or with a group of friends.”

Eventually, State of Being will host workshops focused on pairing scents with affirmations and journaling, “where guests will learn about how to use the brain as a superpower and build a plan for success,” Geddio says.

The new shop officially opens on Friday, April 14th, at noon and will stay open until 8 p.m.

State of Being Co.’s shop is located at 1533 South Street in Grad Hospital and will be open from noon to 7 p.m. Tuesdays through Sundays.